Sip, Savor, Repeat: Des Moines’ Top 15 Coffee Shops for Caffeine Connoisseurs

Hey there, coffee lovers! If you’re anything like me, you believe that life is too short for bad coffee. Fortunately, you’re never too far from a cozy cafe or trendy coffee shop serving up your daily dose of caffeine with a side of charm in Des Moines, Iowa. Below I outline my top 15 favorite coffee shops right now in the Des Moines area that are sure to keep you caffeinated and smiling. 

Smokey Row Coffee Co. (1910 Cottage Grove Ave):

Absolute classic! Nestled in the historic Sherman Hill neighborhood, Smokey Row is a local favorite known for its laid-back atmosphere and stellar brews. Whether you’re into espresso, pour-over, or just a classic cup of joe, Smokey Row has you covered. When I am out of town I crave Smokey Row and it is an absolute must-stop for me on the way to and from the airport. 

Des Moines' Top Coffee Shops

Zanzibar’s Coffee Adventure (2723 Ingersoll Ave):

Prepare for a sensory journey at Zanzibar’s, where the aroma of freshly ground beans fills the air. This eclectic spot not only serves up exceptional coffee but also boasts a unique atmosphere adorned with art and books. I could spend a few hours here with a good book, no problem. 

Horizon Line Coffee (1417 Walnut St):

Step into Horizon Line Coffee, where simplicity meets excellence. This minimalist coffee shop focuses on high-quality beans and expert brewing techniques, resulting in a cup of coffee that’s nothing short of perfection. Beware – this coffee is strong and will make you feel like a superhero after one cup. 

Scenic Route Bakery (350 E Locust St):

A hidden gem in the East Village, Scenic Route Bakery not only delights with its delectable pastries but also offers a delightful selection of coffee. The cozy atmosphere and friendly staff make it an ideal spot for a leisurely coffee break and/or tasty lunch spot.

St. Kilda Cafe & Bakery (300 SW 5th St):

Immerse yourself in Aussie-inspired vibes at St. Kilda Cafe & Bakery. Known for its cozy atmosphere and excellent coffee, this spot is a must-visit for those craving a unique and international coffee experience.

Grounds For Celebration (2645 Beaver Ave):

With multiple locations across Des Moines, Grounds For Celebration is a local chain that takes its coffee seriously. Their commitment to quality beans and expert baristas ensures a consistently excellent cup every time.

Freedom Blend Coffee (2329 Hickman Rd):

Not only does Freedom Blend Coffee serve up fantastic brews, but it also has a heartwarming mission. This coffee shop supports refugees by providing job training and employment opportunities, making your coffee experience even more meaningful.

Des Moines Top Coffee Shops

Freedom Blend Coffee (2329 Hickman Rd):

Not only does Freedom Blend Coffee serve up fantastic brews, but it also has a heartwarming mission. This coffee shop supports refugees by providing job training and employment opportunities, making your coffee experience even more meaningful.

La Mie Bakery (841 42nd St):

While La Mie Bakery is renowned for its pastries, their coffee is equally impressive. Pair a perfectly brewed cup with a flaky croissant or a decadent pastry for the ultimate coffee and snack combo.

Grounds For Change (5740 Merle Hay Rd):

Tucked away in Urbandale, Grounds For Change is a local gem with a commitment to sustainability. Enjoy a cup of their ethically sourced coffee while knowing you’re supporting environmentally conscious practices.

Java House (211 10th St):

A University of Iowa original, Java House has made its mark in Des Moines, offering a variety of coffee options and a welcoming atmosphere. Whether you’re a student or a local coffee connoisseur, Java House is worth a visit.

dsm coffee

Coffee Cats (312 5th St, West Des Moines)

This charming cafe known for its unique concept of combining coffee with feline companionship. The cafe provides a cozy environment where guests can sip on their favorite brews while interacting with adorable resident cats available for adoption. Coffee Cats offers a purrfect blend of caffeine and cuddles, making it a must-visit destination for coffee lovers and cat enthusiasts alike.

Horchata Coffee (2506 Euclid Ave):

For a unique twist on your coffee experience, head over to Horchata Coffee. This vibrant spot infuses Latin American flavors into their drinks, offering a delightful departure from your regular cup of coffee.

Northern Vessel (1201 Keosauqua Way)

This coffee shop stands out for its cozy atmosphere and artisanal approach to coffee. Located in the heart of the city, Northern Vessel is a favorite haunt for locals and visitors alike, offering a welcoming ambiance perfect for catching up with friends or diving into a good book. Their carefully curated menu features a selection of specialty coffee drinks crafted with precision and passion, satisfying even the most discerning coffee aficionados. With its commitment to quality and community, Northern Vessel has become a beloved destination for those seeking a delightful coffee experience in Des Moines.


La Barrista Coffee in West Des Moines, Iowa

La Barrista Coffee in West Des Moines, Iowa, is a hidden gem known for its artisanal coffee blends and inviting atmosphere. La Barrista boasts a cozy ambiance perfect for both solo coffee dates and casual meetups with friends. With a commitment to quality and a passion for crafting the perfect cup, La Barrista Coffee has quickly become one of my favorites as the staff is always friendly and encourages me to try new flavors. 

Mahalos Coffee (50th Street, WDM)

Mahalos Coffee (50th Street, WDM) Offers a tropical escape with its Hawaiian-inspired decor and laid-back vibes. This adorable paradise-cafe is known for its specialty coffee drinks, including Hawaiian Kona blends and creative concoctions like coconut mochas. With its delicious mini donuts in many amazing flavors, Mahalos Coffee provides a welcoming retreat for coffee (and donut) lovers.  

Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur or a casual sipper, Des Moines has a coffee shop for every palate. So don’t be shy to explore the city’s rich coffee culture—one cup at a time. Happy sipping!


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