SnowGlobe Des Moines, Exile Brewing Co. – It’s the Most Wonderful Time For a Beer

Buzzing with excitement, the diverse and thriving city of Des Moines eagerly anticipates its annual SnowGlobe event at Exile Brewing Company. Renowned for its unique mix of Christmas decorations, ice-cold beer/drinks, and heartwarming community spirit, SnowGlobe Des Moines is every beer lover’s dream, transforming the frosty season into the most wonderful time of the year.

In the heart of Iowa, Des Moines stands out as a distinctive destination marked by its vibrant arts scene, outdoor activities, and deeply rooted community. In the midst of all this richness lies the annual snow-globe event at a locol brewery—an enchanting melting pot of chilling temperatures, warming spirit, and foamy beer. No winter night in Des Moines is complete without exploring SnowGlobe and tapping into its amazing cocktail lineup.

Exile’s SnowGlobe Becoming a Des Moines Tradition

Over the years, SnowGlobe has transformed into more than just a fun name. It has grown into an essential part of Des Moines’ culture. Every year, thousands eagerly await this winter event, drawn by the allure of unique drink offerings, the festive atmosphere, and the chance to bond with fellow Des Moines locals.

Why You Should Attend SnowGlobe Des Moines

So, what makes SnowGlobe Des Moines such a must-attend event? Let’s delve into the number of compelling reasons:

  • Variety of Beers: From aromatic ales to full-bodied stouts or the hoppy tang of IPAs, SnowGlobe presents an exciting array of beers that cater to different tastes. The event hosts both local craft breweries and well-known beer brands, offering an opportunity for everyone to discover their new favorite pint.
  • Fostering Community Spirit: In true Iowan spirit, SnowGlobe has become a platform to bridge communities, building relationships and creating treasured memories under the glow of a winter night.
  • The Entertainment: SnowGlobe Des Moines isn’t just about beer—it’s also about good times. Great Christmas music, food delicacies, creative drinks, and Christmas decorations that fill the air with merriment, laughter, and great photo opportunities.

Make sure to place your reservations way in advance and get ready for a fantastic time.

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