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Des Moines Is Getting Graze-y!


Welcome to One Board Gal 

Hi hungry gals (and guys) and welcome to the One Board Gal – Blog! Let me be the first to say welcome! Have you ever found yourself feeling pressure to be the hostess with the mostest? Or wondered what gift would go further than a card or flowers? We are your answer to eating well and gifting even better! With a few clicks we will craft a custom board for you that is ready to be delivered & devoured.

One Board Gal is here to remind you that life is worth celebrating! There is no better way to say thank you to a colleague, friend, family member than a delicious cheeseboard. Crown yourself the hostess with the mostest and know that you don’t need a birthday, anniversary, or promotion to enjoy a delicious cheese & meat board. We have plenty in-store and more on the way to share so thank you for stopping by!   


Food stylist & founder of One Board Gal. Known for creative food tips and simple cheese board inspiration. I am dedicated to helping you bring a lot to the table by sharing tricks, tips, and education for your next gathering.