Charcuterie Boards



Oh Christmas Tree oh Christmas Tree! I love this time of year as so many fun holiday cheese boards start trending on social media. Last year at this time, it was all about the #charcuterwreath and this year, I decided to take a stab at the #charcuterTREE!


Seriously though, if you want to wow your guests this holiday season, this is an easy and great way to do so. Plus the tree is so tasty.

To build your charcutertree, you will want to find items that are a combination of sweet, savory, crunchy, and soft. See the ingredients in the image below to start building!

Items needed to build a charcutertree

From parmesan to create a “snow” effect to white yogurt-covered pretzels, adding all these items to your board will make it delicious. Don’t forget the rosemary!

OBG Tip: When making a cheese board, I first look in my pantry and fridge before making a trip to the store. Often we have plenty of items that can go on a board without realizing it. For example, a simple jar of olives. This is an item I typically have on hand and will include when making a cheese board or large platter.

Below is the finished product of my charcutertree. I was so excited to share a quick “how-to” video this morning on WHO 13 Hello Iowa. Megan and I worked together to create this board. From bottom to top, we created something that not only looked beautiful but tasted great. Head over to WHO 13 Hello Iowa to search the video.


Finally, if you make your very own #charcutertree this year, please tag me on Instagram and Facebook. I would love to see your creations and feature you on my page. Happy holidays and happy cheese-boarding!

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