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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I place an order?

Let’s Get the Party Started
Step 1: Click here to begin crafting your board.
You can then enter your delivery zip code at the top right-hand corner of the webpage. This will show you all of the items available for sending to the delivery address.
You can then enter your delivery zip code at the top right-hand corner of the webpage. This will show you all of the items available for sending to the delivery address.
  1. Click on the photo of the arrangement you’d like to purchase.
  2. Select the delivery date and arrangement quantity that you’d like for your delivery. Click Add to Cart. You can continue shopping or proceed to the checkout procedure.
  3. If the calendar date you’re looking for is dim/grey and isn’t clickable, that arrangement is likely sold out for that delivery date, past its available end date, or is out of stock. See this help article for more explanation on the calendar/delivery dates. 
  4. When you’re ready for checkout, click on Your Basket (located at the top right-hand corner of the webpage) and click Checkout. This will take you to confirm your delivery and billing details. You can also make some of our bouquets subscriptions. 
  5. Confirm the item, quantity, and delivery date for the order. You can also enter a discount code at this point if you have one. When everything looks right, click Next.
  6. The following screen asks you about including an add-on item such as a sweet treat, gift box, or one of our vases. If you don’t want to include any additional items, click Next.
  7. The next screen asks about your account. You can either sign-in, create a new account, or proceed as a guest. We highly recommend creating an account when ordering. If you need to edit a card message, change a shipping address, or update the delivery date before your order fulfills you can manage this yourself only from an account. In a hurry? Checkout as a guest. 
  8. You will now confirm your delivery details for your recipient and fill out the card message (if desired) for your delivery
IMPORTANT: The card message limit is 500 characters. 
If the delivery is to a business, click the box for Business. Then put the company name in the proper field. This keeps your address line within UPS/FedEx fields when we transmit the data to them. 
If you would like to pick up the flowers from our San Francisco shop, you can check a box on this page. The page will then give you time slots to choose from.
When you’re ready to move on, click Next
  1. The last step! You’ll confirm your billing information and email address (used for order and delivery confirmations). Once your details are entered, click PLACE ORDER……And you’re all done!
You will then receive an Order Confirmation to the provided email.
You’ll receive a tracking email when your order has been processed closer to your delivery date (1-4 days before depending on shipping partner and fulfillment center )
    * (Note: Be sure to check your Spam folder just in case the message is routed there by your email service).
Important Tips:
Recipient Details: We ask that you provide a recipient phone number so we can handle any issues with the delivery on your behalf. 
Please double-check:
Your recipient’s delivery information and delivery date
Your recipient’s card message (if applicable)

The delivery date that I want is unavailable. What's the hold up?

We’re sorry to see this happened! There could be several reasons why your selected delivery date is not currently available. Please use our contact form if you have a specific date in mind!
     1. The delivery date is not within the delivery schedule
Note: We will post upcoming “Out of Kitchen” dates if we are unavailable. 
  1. You may be trying to order after our system has cut off your delivery date
If you are attempting to place an order less than 48 hours from your delivery day & time, we are unable to process this request. Orders must be placed no later than 48 hours from your event. 3 PM CST is our cut off timing for a future event 2 days out. 
      3. You may be trying to order an item that is sold out
If the delivery date is unavailable, and the first 2 reasons aren’t responsible for the issue, it means we’re most likely:
        * Sold Out
        * Out of Stock
        * No longer able to deliver the product in your area 
We offer certain items that do have daily caps in place to ensure we have time to make all of the ordered boards and still get them delivered on time.

Do you have a discount code?

Saving money? Heck yes! We love a great bargain! Subscribe to our email list or follow us on Instagram and/or Facebook for our most up to date discounts and promotions. We promise we won’t spam you! 

How do I reach your customer service team?

Our Customer Service team is glad to talk with you! From questions, comments, or board brainstorm sessions, we can be reached by using our contact form below. We will work as quickly as possible to get back to you within 24 hours 

Do you do weddings or events?

Yes, and we love them! We can absolutely help you with your wedding, event, or celebration. We’d love to build a grazing table that is ready to be devoured. 
From your big “I do moments” like your bridal shower & big day to family get-togethers and neighborhood hangouts. 
    * Events Team: our team is ready to build something that will allow guests to graze and be amazed! We would love to learn more about your event and how we can help. Use our contact form below!

When do you charge my credit card?

Your card is charged at the time your order is placed. If you need to cancel prior to delivery, no worries! We’ll offer you a full refund as long as the order has not already shipped. If you’ve placed a subscription for recurring deliveries, you are charged several days prior to the next delivery date. If you have to cancel, we’ll work with you to process a proper refund. 

How do I pay?

For ordering from our website, we accept all major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.
Sorry, we do not accept cash orders when purchasing boards. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Can I customize my board with add ons, additional requests, or have specific items removed?

Every board is created and made to fall in line with our business model: You Select. We Build. You Enjoy! 
    * You Select from our carefully created classic boards
    * We Build you the best board from what is in season, fresh, and ready to be devoured. 
    * You Enjoy! 
The short answer is sorta kinda…..We believe in our classic model of boards but understand one board doesn’t fit all. We are always open to hearing your suggestions and will do everything we can to build you the board of your dreams (keep in mind that pricing may vary) 
What about not including specific items on each board due to allergies? We’d love to accommodate specific requests (due to preference, allergy, or otherwise) but due to volume, we cannot guarantee these requests can be met. However, we will do everything to work with you. We have developed our site to help you build a board that takes your tastes into account. 
Please be advised that our boards may contain or have been made in a kitchen that processes Milk, Eggs, Nuts, Soy, Poultry, Tree nuts, & Wheat. Thank you for your understanding. 

Contact Us

Send us a message. If you email us over the weekend, we will respond the next business day. Otherwise, we will do our best to get back to you within 24 hours.


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