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About Us

Cheese Eating Officer

Ms. Abbi Gibson

“Hi!! If you are like me, you love cheese. You can eat it during times of celebration, it is absolutely delicious, and it can provide comfort in times of need. Truly -- cheese is magical. For me, cheese by itself has always been the sixth food group. Growing up with a British dad and a Midwest mom, there weren’t many moments when I don’t remember a cheese plate on our family table. Sometimes served as an appetizer, sometimes as the closer, but most importantly always there. From wine nights with friends, to large dinner parties, to the “treat yo-self” nights in, cheese is sophisticated, simple, and something we can’t live without.”

About Us

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About Us

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Bored or Board?

Twas 3 months into a global pandemic that shut down the world, and we were bored. My brother and I had just moved back home to California to stay with our parents during quarantine. We were sitting on our patio in the backyard, reflecting on the year with drinks in hand and a cheese board in front of us. With our dad being from the UK, cheese has always been a staple in our house. From appetizers to the main dish, to a dessert after dinner, cheese has been present. 

We sat and talked about our goals for the year. Where would we have been if a global pandemic hadn’t started? I was supposed to be in Southern France on a program, and he was supposed to be starting his spring semester at Drake University. By the time we finished the cheese plate in front of us, an idea popped into our heads. Were there other kids who grew up with cheese as a main food group like we did? Would people in Des Moines like our cheese plates? Would there be time for our little quarantine hobby when we returned back to Des Moines? 

A few months after moving back to Iowa, I began making cheese plates for my friends in Des Moines. I made a cheese plate to celebrate the 4th of July. I made one for a Friday night in and even put together a cheese board as a “Get Well Soon” gift for one of my friends. Was this quarantine hobby turning into something that could become a business? Well, a few cheese blocks later and a ton of support from friends and family, One Board Gal was launched.   

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